Monitoring your water consumption just got easier.

About the Service

This service will help you access your water usage on a daily basis so that you can better manage your water bill. Benefits of the service include:

  • Online access to hourly usage (updated daily)
  • Help you better understand how much water you use and where
  • High usage alerts to help prevent unexpected increases in your water bill
  • Help conserve water

Project Sponsors

Texas A&M
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension
City of Arlington
Texas Water Resources Institute


View Hourly Water Consumption

Each day, hourly usage will be uploaded from the meter to the City so that you can view your water usage online. With this information, you can determine how much water your sprinkler system uses, how much water that shower really used, and potentially even identify if your water system has a leak.

Projected Bill Information
Total Usage (Gallons) 12,500
Days Elapsed 15
Current Charge (Est.) $45.50
Projected Monthly Usage 25,000
Projected Bill (Est.) $108.00

Better Manage Your Water Bill

As you check your daily usage, you will also be able to see an estimated bill for that month. This will help you better understand how your usage each day influences your bill.

Get High Usage Alerts

Receive an email when your water usage exceeds a value that you choose. This can help you prevent an unusually high water bill by alerting you to potential leaks, overuse of water, or other problems that are unexpected.